Saturday, August 27, 2005

In Tanon Strait, On a Barge

Travelling to Cebu City is so easy now, practically the equivalent of door-to-door courier service, that I can no longer imagine how bad it was when I first moved to Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. We took the car this time to be able to stop at places we'd only seen for barely a second through airconditioned buses' windows. The kids, on the other hand, enjoyed the relative freedom they had in the back, but were not more patient than usual. In short, plaintive questions of "Are we there yet?" were still heard from the back seat.
That's the car in the middle, Jordi's asking "Now? Are you done?", and that's Louie's hand. He's singing "...near, far, whereEEEver you are..." :-)

The breeze was COLD but he had his jacket on and it' s interesting to watch cars, buses, trucks riding across the waves on a few inches of metal. Oh, and he was keeping his eyes peeled for dolphins.


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