Saturday, August 27, 2005

Carcar, Talisay and Banilad

We had to stop at this place; Louie wanted to check where the door was! I'm not sure if this shoe is really in the Guinness Book of World Records, I doubt it, but it's seriously big. My question is, why couldn't it have been a woman's shoe? We're the ones who make the world go round for shoemakers everywhere! Why is it, that when attempting to make or break the world record for biggest shoe, they always make macho shoes?

Stopped for lunch at Talisay, got there just before noon. Rey and Denden were out for Honors' Day at Shari's and Colin's school, the St. Thomas Aquinas Montessori School. Heard Shari got second this grading period; a new kid in school got higher grades. It hasn't affected her much, judging from that face. :-)

Finally got to Banilad at about 3 o'clock, and the kids promptly went out to play on the scooters of Chammy's friend Isabel. That's her wagon, too. She'd been pulling it with Louie inside ( to Tisa's and Mama Carmen's protests. I had a feeling she must be a princess or something) but as soon as they saw me with my camera, everybody went rigid. Jordi and Louie, finishing each other's sentences while Chammy piped in with Yeahs, informed Isabel, "That's our mom. She's always taking pictures. For her blog. It's her hobby."


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