Sunday, August 28, 2005

At Lolo Javie's Dinner Party

Tisa thought the best thing to do to ensure the adults had time to talk and eat in peace was to get the kids their own food downstairs. The adult menu at the party was delicious but it did not have spaghetti, fried chicken or hot dog so it would have brought embarrassing exclamations of "Mama! There's nothing to eat here!" I can't wait for the time when they'll eat anything... I wonder if that'll ever happen.

There really wasn't much for them to do but watch tv since the pool was off limits to them and they were all too young for billiards, the gym, tennis or basketball at night. Jordi solved it by reading a book while watching tv, while Louie's solution was to run up the stairs "to check on Lolo" and then run back down again, every few minutes. Chammy was glad to have her cousins visit she just followed them around the entire time. She couldn't do much; after all, Jordi and Louie can exhaust you just by looking at them. Patrick was right, his brothers, especially Louie, are very efficient users of energy.


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