Saturday, May 28, 2005


While the Tagalog shows-watching segment of the population was going berserk over one of several artistas imported for the Tourism Council's version of the Santacruzan, these boys were locked in intense combat (The Arkham Inmates were pounding the Sinister Syndicate), and reading about the Pinoy Abroad....The artistas were a disappointment anyway; we didn't recognize anybody.

More Chalk

Forgot to put this up. Only photo I had of Jordi drawing and his work can't even be seen. :-( His "Darth Tech" was quite a challenge to make; Jong had to go to Tinago, to somebody's house to ask for charcoal (no, it was real uling and not the one for drawing). Darth has to be black, remember? And there wasn't any black chalk in sight. He drew it quickly enough: black, muscular and armored, complete with red lightsaber, but with a tv for a head. Don't ask me what that was all about, tho.

Dom's taken this "Cool City" campaign to heart.

Didn't know what I was thinking when I took this photo from this angle. No matter how I flip it over it looks strange. Jordi and Louie really liked this drawing, offering to help when they heard it was almost time.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Have Chalk, Will Draw

Incredibly beautiful view from the boulevard at noon today.

Sidewalk chalk drawing contest, 3-5 pm. They got free t-shirts. Dom arrived in time from Manila to join the contest.

The artists at work.

Done with their "Orange Dog with Brown Spikes Barking at a Misty Moon" and "Darth Tech", Louie and Jordi had time to help Brian finish his Sphinx(?) or Aslan(?) looking "Saling Pusa".

5 o'clock and the view's still beautiful.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bonding with Cousin Chammy

"Meditating" after their chicken and spaghetti Saturday night. They'd just been to a Children's Mass at a Catholic TV network...Actually, they couldn't wait for the adults to finish eating so they could get their ice cream cones.

Chammy showing Louie the games on her "laptop". It was a quick visit, over almost before it started, but the kids had fun AND got more ideas for their Lego "creations". They're currently building Republic Gun Ships complete with Clone Troopers and Jedi Generals.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Trip To See Star Wars Episode 3, I Mean, Family

Took the night boat to Cebu after the recital, to see Lolo Javie, Lola Carmen, Tita Tisa and Chammy, AND to see Star Wars Episode 3. Fresh off the boat this morning and after breakfast, in a cosy corner of Lola's living room these kids are doing what they do best: play and sleep. Yes, Dominique, too.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Recital for Voice and Guitar

Shari rehearsing at the Music Sala with Teacher Ian on Wed. We videotaped this, too.

At the Luce Auditorium, ready for her turn. Hair and make up by my friend Maria. I don't have any experience with getting little girls ready for recitals so I had to ask for professional help. :-)

"The sun'll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun..."

Patrick's turn on the classical guitar. Prelude in C. Jordi said his was the best. oh, Louie also said Shari's "Tomorrow" was the best....There were maybe 70 kids at this recital...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And Then There Were Three

Ready to "graduate" from Summer Swimming School

Warming up...

even if they were already very warm from having been made to wait more than 30 min for the "microphone for the sound system"...

at the stands but still directly under the morning sun.

Lola Pening and Nana Diding

At last!

they're in the pool (Shari with Patty)

Louie was further up

Louie doing the freestyle and Leading his group!

Shari doing exactly the same thing! Sulit na sulit!

Jordi doing the breast stroke and going down the length of the pool. He's the one in the back. You can tell by that beautifully-shaped head. :-)


Play time at the diving pool. To all of us parents, aunts and uncles, Lolos and Lolas, that's more than 20 feet deep. That's why it's that shade of blue.

With a frisbee in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Two in Boljoon

Thursday, docked at Liloan, Santander, ready to disembark (fancy name for getting off the boat and onto the pier by way of an 8-in gangplank with a bamboo pole handrail held up by two men), looked back and saw showers over Home.

Two in their version of "Kiddietopia". Were in there from morning til nightfall. Only got out to eat, drink, and use the bathroom :-)

Club Fort Med, north of Eli's Rock in Boljoon.

Friday, going into the "jungle" to get to the bat cave.

Does this look "jungle-y" enough?

How about this? Well, that IS part of the trail. We had to go walk in a dry creek bed.

Our 4th and last water stop. Had bottled water, peanut brittle and Chippy. :-) And we brought all our garbage back.

Although it's not really clear here, last 50 meters to the bat cave were VERTICAL.

But we ALL got there! Who do you think took this photo?

Louie and Tito Marlon

Jordi's preparing to go back the way we came. First, you hug that tree trunk or fall to the jungle floor vertigo-inducing distance straight down. Then you turn around and hug the cliff wall ...

Then you jump on the jetski with Tito Marlon!

Patrick taking Louie out for a ride.

Club FortMed from the road

Walking to the town to get some ice cream, stopping to look at the reef. Ok, stopping to give me a chance to take this photo with the church in the background. :-)

In a hurry to get back home Saturday morning.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Summer Art Workshop Exhibit

Preparing food for the exhibit

In Lolo David and Lola Pening's Garden, dressed in shirts they'd painted... reminds me of this clothing ad

Shari's acacia tree

Kate's belfry

Jordi calls this his "leafy" tree.

Louie's vine-covered acacia tree

Kate and her acacia tree.

Shari's belfry. They're all so tense here because this was taken before the exhibit opened.

Find-the-bag: Jordi's has a backhoe, Louie's a dumptruck, Katie's Manang Amay in a boat, and Shari's has orange flowers on a maroon background

The class with Teacher Susan (in black, as usual) and, to her right (and in white) is Guest of Honor, Dr. Edna Calingacion

What's an art exhibit without the requisite "cocktails".

The still life pastel-on-felt art works came late. This is Shari's...

And right beside it, is Kate's.

With personalized sketch pads, gifts from their teacher Susan. These came with their own tiny bags, too!