Monday, August 29, 2005

Going Home

In the car again on a Monday morning. It was declared a public holiday last night so the kids were not absent today. Lolo David and Lola Pening had gone to Cebu to see their eye doctor and had decided to ride home with us. We were picking them up in Talisay. On the way there, the kids stretched out "one last time before we get squished."

The trip back was much faster than last Saturday's; we got to Boljoon in time for lunch at Club FortMed. Don't worry we didn't make them cook. We brought our own food (Why do leftovers from parties taste better in the morning?).

The kids got a treat for behaving in the car but they had to do some work to claim that treat :-) If it makes us sound like mean parents then let me assure you they enjoyed catching those leaves in that net before jumping in the pool.

Getting the car and the passengers on to the barge. It's always a different feeling when you're coming back home. Hmmm,... it's like the feeling you get when you're about to be hugged by someone you love. Well, isn't it?


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