Friday, September 23, 2005

In the Water At Last

Finally, it was cool enough to go out, Fred found a couple of boogie boards, and the kids were off! That's Apo Island in the distance.

This place is right beside the mouth of a small river and the kids (the driftwood's pointing at Jordi and he's pointing at Louie at the end of the spit of sand) thought they'd explore there. The adults followed and sat on the sand, and talked about kids, crabs and crazy ideas.

This was quite exciting for the kids. They'd been busy digging in and transporting and building with the sand at our feet when these fishermen, on their way home from a day at sea, came silently into the river. I really should get myself a videocamera soon. Although, I don't think I'm likely to forget their shrieks of "Mom! MOM! LOOOK!" I am so glad we packed them into the car to come here. Next time we come, we'll have to get them into one of these boats. After all, they're great-grandchildren of a fine fisherman; they should at least know how to paddle a banca... In the distance is the town of Zamboanguita, by the way.


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